Smart search based on Product prioritization

On the majority of eCommerce sites, while less than 10% of users perform searches, these searchers account for approximately 25% of total revenue and the average conversion rate of those that use search is 2-3 times higher than the average conversion rate of the site.  So knowing what products to display when a user searches on your eCommerce store becomes extremely important.

Also, with customers leaving eCommerce stores after 2 minutes if they have not found what they are looking for, the order in which products appear also becomes very relevant.

With a great site search tool, you can create ranking criteria for specific products to nudge customers in the right direction. The end result, increases in KPIs such as –

  • customer purchase frequency
  • average cart size
  • increased conversions and revenue
  • reduced bounce rate

There are many standard search plugins available that enhance search functionality by supporting indexing of product titles, description, auto-suggesting and completing results,  fuzzy matching, and recognizing synonyms but there are very few which focus on what products to display after a customer has searched for a query.

DeepFlux smart search does precisely this. Our search algorithm gives relevant results and prioritizes the products based on their predicted purchase rate. This increases basket size and converts more searches into orders. 

Our algorithm uses a host of metrics like click-through rate, add-to-carts, conversion rate, product reviews and ratings, seasonality, inventory in hand, and many more to influence the sorting of results. The algorithm also matches new products (with no past data) to old projects based on image & attribute similarity and predicts a score for these so that new products also get visibility in search results. 

In doing so, it provides intelligent results that are completely unlike those provided by traditional search plugins. The best part of our algorithm is that industry-standard best practices are already implemented and are regularly updated.
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