Redefine your Data Management Strategy

Make the Most of your DMP and CDP Platforms

We ensure your data is collected, organised and activated in the most robust manner to give you maximum return

We plan and implement the correct measurement protocol to capture data across 1st, 2nd and 3rd party touch points. Our tag managers help aggregate audience data from any source including web and mobile app into your DMP/CDP

Our experts deep dive into audience behavior that impacts your business to help you create actionable audience segments. We leverage machine learning techniques to help build taxonomy tailor made for your industry

We help integrate and activate data segments across Paid Channels, DCO and website personalization tools. For publishers, we help build go to market and pricing strategy for maximizing ad revenue from inventory

Analyze performance by audience segments in real-time to understand performance of each bucket to improve campaign performance. For publisher, we help continuously improve pricing for audience buckets to help you maximize Ad revenue

Why DeepFlux Data Management Services?

KPI Planning and Goal Setting

Review and Draft Project Goals and Objectives, Determine Project Scope and high level data tagging and attributes approach. Document Value and ROI from the project and determine project timelines

Data Discovery and Mapping

Map data flows across your organization to address the main KPIs and Business goals. DeepFlux consultant will help in evaluating possible prospects and create a Brand audience playbook

Audit and Integration

Evaluate the current DMP/CDP state and provide recommendations to enhance its operation. Our technical experts help in integration of the platform with Ad Management Platforms, DCO and Web Personalisation Platforms

Audience Segmentation and Insights

Continuously refine your audience using Machine Learning based approaches. Our experts will help in Identity management, predictive and intelligent segments and advanced reporting

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