Supercharging Product Launches

DeepFlux Launch Plans and Optimizes Product Launches

DeepFlux’s Launch solutions are used by Fortune 100 companies to plan their launches and improve revenues. Our patent-pending technology uses topological sales, distribution and marketing data to optimize them.

Pre-Launch Planning

Plan your marketing and distribution before product launches. Compare with benchmark prior products and the competition to ensure your product launch is on the right track.

Post-Launch Optimization

Improve your revenues post-launch. Calibrate marketing and distribution to match demand. Whether it is movie tickets or phone sales, our patent-pending insights engine will substantially boost your topline.

Offline to Online Attribution

Measure and attribute your marketing campaigns and their impact across the digital-online, mobile, OOH, print, TV. Use it to understand the effectiveness of each promotion and repeat activities that work while cutting losses.

Market Research

Get a complete picture of your consumers – the way they think, feel, shop, and view. Use surveys and market research to get insights on your product positioning, marketing, and customer service.

AI Powered

Launch combines spatial, topological and longitudinal time-series data to spot patterns for your product launch. It applies state of the art machine learning algorithms to surface relevant patterns to the user.

Revenue & Success Prediction

Predict the success of your product launch. Our algorithms accurately predict revenues several weeks before a launch. Revenue prediction can be used for planning as well as course corrections.

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You will be working with a seasoned team and proven technology that has helped some of the largest product launches of 2019.