Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads – Are you using them in the right way?

Sponsored brand ads are used by a lot of advertisers but primarily for branding purposes only. They appear above search results, helping advertisers boost brand awareness and engagement.  They generally have higher CPC compared to sponsored product ads but if set up and optimized in the right way they can give you 30-40pc more conversions with the same spends compared to sponsored product ads.
This article will provide you with some useful strategies on using Sponsored Brands ads not only for branding but to get more conversions.

  1. Updating Keyword for Selected Campaigns

Include 20-25 keywords in your campaigns and make sure you have a mix of match types — broad, phrase and exact. To start with use broad & phrase match for your branded keywords and use exact match for non-branded or competition keywords. Few tips – 

  • Use separate campaigns for branded and non-branded keywords.
  • Search keywords related to your products on amazon and check amazon search suggestions to add more keywords. These are generally the top searched keywords.
  • Start with low bids and gradually increase bids on optimal spends.
  • “Broad” match type works differently for Sponsored brand ads compared to Sponsored products ads. If you want a certain word to always appear in any broad-matched keyword in your SB campaign, add a broad match modifier by adding a ‘+’ symbol before the word. For example: If you use a keyword ‘+linen shirt’ with broad match, then the ad will only match to queries that contain the word ‘linen.’ 
  • Mark keywords as negative which are not converting – high spend, high clicks or low CTR non converters.

DeepFlux fashion solution has a feature to identify performing and non performing keywords in Amazon and Google. This gets automatically populated in a single view for the e-commerce manager to analyze and take action on increasing spends on performing and reducing spends on non-performing ones.

2. Landing Page Optimizations

You have a choice about where you want to drive customers when they click on your logo or “buy line”. We suggest you drive customers to your store page and not use the “New Landing Page” option for following reasons – 

  • You can shuffle the products based on their organic performance
  • You can remove products that have got less ratings or bad reviews
  • You can cross promote different products and show your entire product portfolio

3. Feature the Right Products 
You can add up to 3 products as hero ASINs in your sponsored brand ads. Feature those products – 

  • That have high ratings and reviews to provide credibility and trust with your brand’s products 
  • Have adequate inventory to support the increased purchases from your campaign
  • That are priced competitively against competitors
  • Are similar to best selling or trending products of your competitors

    DeepFlux Fashion AI solution’s online store assortment feature helps prioritize the SKUs which are likely to have maximum sales when promoted. It does this by identifying the assortment in its own inventory similar to best selling styles across competition sets. This has shown to improve conversion rates by 20-30pc. 

4. Add a High Quality Custom Image
With the new custom image option, you can include a background that will display above your featured products and headline. Typically, you get 20-25pc higher CTR and 10-15pc higher conversion rate in campaigns with a featured image compared to a campaign without an image.


We recommend trying the above strategies to boost your sales as these are some of the tried and tested approaches which DeepFlux strategists have used over time. We understand doing and monitoring these on a daily basis can be painful and time consuming so we at DeepFlux have developed an AI SaaS platform which aids fashion sellers to sell their products online efficiently and does all the above tasks for you. Our platform does this by studying millions of online products on marketplaces and within internal platforms to produce insights on the right assortment, price, and targeting to help its clients increase profits.

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This article has been authored by Tarun Taneja, who is the Head of Client Servicing at DeepFlux