6 Best Product sorting Apps for Shopify stores

Most users coming to an e-retailer store have a dearth of time and digital store operations experience. As per Gartner, the average time spent on an e-commerce site in the US is about 3.5 minutes. This includes the checkout and transaction steps in a user journey. The time a retailer has to incite interest and show most relevant products for a user is at a premium. Product sorting and thereby increasing product relevance to a new user is the most critical step in acquiring the user . This blog explores a few sorting solutions in Shopify that help you arrange your store products to increase relevancy of your products.

  1. Collection Sort by Plugin App Store 

Collection sort is an app that can boost your productivity. Its foremost function is that it     will help you quickly and effectively manage the product ordering under the collection. 

  • Helps you quickly find potential products and give more display opportunities, and more importantly helps you provide customer conversion rate.
  • Automatic Random Sort: Getting access to the identical Collections at distinct time intervals with screen unique products, giving customers a fresh feel, instead of a steady feel of boredom.
  • Manual Random Sort: If you are not sure that some products will become your best seller products, you can try to click ‘random sort’
  • Smart Collection Select: Use multiple product ids to quickly search for a collection containing this product, One-click settings only show manual sorting and quick positioning of the Collection.
  • Multi-product Simultaneous Sorting: Support checks multiple products while moving, clicking the top & bottom button, moving to designated locations, and quickly moving products to the desired location.
  • Multi-product Rapid Positioning: Enter Multi-product IDs, separated by commas, to help you quickly locate selected products.

    Features of Collection Sort – 
  • While moving customer can check multiple products
  • Have quick locate selected products
  • Can be used in every facilities
  • Provide shortcut bar
  • Automatic random sort the products

    Collection Sort Information
  • Price: $4/month
  • Rating:  4.8 / 5
  • Vendor: Pluginappstore
  • 2. Bestsellers reSort by Egnition 
    Bestsellers reSort is the #1 advanced online merchandising app for Shopify with an extremely analytical mind. Every day, bestsellers reSort organizes millions of products for stores of different sizes. Small shops and stores with tens of thousands of products, daily,  automatically, with full multi-location support.
    reSort is the easiest way to generate more revenue & sales by adjusting products order to your needs. It’s not a secret that customers take their time to find what they need by simply browsing collections. They start at the top and continue their way down. reSort is the online merchandising tool that organizes collections to sell more.
    Create a custom order of products for any collection.
    Every day, reSort analyzes the sorting rules you set and re-orders products in selected collections according to these rules. You can set your custom sorting rules globally or individually, per collection.

    Automatically sort & order products by:
  • Revenue generated (for X number of days
  • Number of sales (for X number of days) By Discount (% or $).
  • Sort by tags. Import/export tags to sort by.
  • By Date. Sort by publish or creation date.
  • By Product title.
  • By Product price.
  • Random products order
  • Keep manual sort order and apply your own sorting rule.

    Organize products in collections even further! Use different types of products and organize them all.
  • “Featured” Products – manually put them to the top of a collection. Promote seasonal or special items. Set different products per collection.
  • Promote New Products – put new arrivals to the top of a collection for a specified number of days.
  • Promote ‘Back in Stock’ Products – set reSort to consider these products as new. Specify the total quantity or quantity change.
  • Order Products by Tags – position tagged products within a collection in the groups and order that you need.
  • Out-of-Stock Products – automatically push them to the bottom of a collection. Set backorders to be considered as in stock or out-of-stock.

    Features of Bestsellers reSort
  • Keeps products organized and prioritize best-sellers
  • Allows customizing the rules for sorting products
  • Helps you to set the rules for specific locations
  • Enables users to control the positions of many types of products
  • Analyzes the rules and sorts products in selected collection

    Bestsellers reSort Information
  • Price: Free plan available. 7-day free trial.
  • Rating: 56 – 4.8 / 5
  • Vendor: Egnition
  • Kimonix is an advanced merchandising and personalization solution that helps you display the right product at the right time to boost sales and reduce non-moving inventory.  Create smart automated collections and sort them using advanced strategies that include personalization and highly advanced parameters, beyond the common ones on Shopify, such as:
  • 1:1 Personalization – based on real time visit on site
  • Conversion rate
  • Reviews (ratings & amount)
  • Margin
  • Real margin (after discounts)
  • Sales (quantity or $)
  • Inventory value
  • Days to finish inventory
  • Variants stock ratio (how many variants are in stock)
  • Days since back in stock
  • Days in store
  • Discount
  • Page-views
  • product demand and price competitiveness in market

Key Features:

Smart Automated (multi-segment) Collections

Create smart automated collections with a highly advanced condition choice. Create a MULTI-SEGMENT collection to have full control and maximum agility on your collections. Have them fully customized, use pre-defined templates (Best sellers, new arrivals, more) or create your own templates.

  • Multi Segments – create multiple segments within the collection
  • Push down out of stock
  • Push up new products
  • Push up tags

AI Personalized advanced collection sorting
Sort new or existing collections using 1:1 personalization and advanced analytics to create a unique sorting strategy based on your business needs. Use our sorting recommendation or customize your own. Don’t settle for sorting just by one parameter (like revenue or inventory), use as many parameters as you need, and set the influence of each one on the sorting algorithm.


Product grouping

Group products together to always be displayed next to each other in a collection. The group will display in a collection based on the location of the product with the highest position according to the sorting strategy of the collection.

AI Personalized Collection for email marketing campaigns

Our AI algorithm will create a tailor-made collection for each one of your customers. Have your email marketing campaigns land customers in their own unique collection with the right products for them.

Products Insights
  • Products to Promote: Discover which products you should promote based on their performance.
  • Products for Discount / Sale: Identify which products are not performing well and are creating non-moving inventory.
  • Low Stock: Get automated alerts on products with inventory running low or out of stock

4.) Collection Sortby Pulsar Lens
Bring Relevance and Focus to your Collections. Getting your collections right is important as visitors will spend limited time in your store. Collection Sort automates and schedules sorting your collections using data driven insights for most impact. You can sort products in various ways and also determine when to auto-sort your collections. It can sort products in collections

  • Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly, and Monthly
  • Every 2, 4, 8, and 12 hours
  • Automatically sort and order your products by: (43 Different Sort Types!)
  • Highest revenue, Highest add to carts, Most views, Conversion rate
  • Tags (Specific tags)
  • Highest inventory
  • Randomly
  • Variant stock ratio
  • Newest and Oldest (Published Date)
    and more

Create your own unique “Custom sort type”. You can apply multiple sort types one by one to collections or give different weights to the sort types that work the best for your store!
Additional sort options (for each collection):

  • Push down out of stock / sold out products to the bottom
  • Push up new & restocked products to the top
  • Return restocked products to their previous positions
  • Push up featured products
  • Lock positions of the products (e.g. put your featured products at the top while sorting the rest based on sort type)
  • Select multiple products and place them wherever you want with a single drag and drop
  • Export / Import sort order. Would you like to sort products for a specific collection? You can do it with just a single click on “sort now”. If you want to update sort settings for your entire collections, you can do it with the “Mass Update” feature. With a single click, you can update the settings for the entire collection.

5.) Trending Sort by Power tools

This Might Be The Easiest Way To Boost Your Profits & Slash Your Bounce Rate Within Minutes! As few as one fifth of the products in your store are bringing you the majority of your traffic, conversions, and profit. Go on, check your analytics. You’ll see that of all the items in your store; a select few are getting all the attention. It’s incredible!
Boost your conversions and slash your bounce rate by showing these products more. Sorting your products based on performance is the smartest way to ensure your customers see your best side first. Plus, it gives them the best chance of converting to a sale.
Doesn’t Shopify Already Have This Feature?
The answer is – YES and NO.
Sure, you can order your products by name, creation date, price and best sellers. But there are three key reasons why the in-built Best Sellers feature falls short! 1. You need very high sales volume for this feature to be accurate. 2. It does not cater to new products and shows stale rankings. Older products will often rank better, even if they’re not best sellers. 3. There’s no way to make sure it shows your most profitable products first. Which means, products with low profitability and high-sales volume could be displayed instead.

Power Tools Trending Products Take It To The Next Level

  • Accurately rank your products by performance. No matter how big or small your store is.
  • Place new products first, middle or last – and anywhere in-between. Using our improved version of Shopify’s ‘Created Date’ sort order.
  • Sort your products using a blend of ranking types. Think, best sellers are the most popular.
  • Choose how to judge product performance. The app’s algorithm determines the sort order based on the most recent data for each product. For example, an old product that used to sell well, won’t outrank a new one that is selling off the charts.
  • Customize how the algorithm uses product data. It can check only recent data or go back far in time.

    Trending Sort developed by Power Tools aims at featuring your hot products and then increasing your conversion rates. In fact, the app is believed to be the simplest way to increase your revenue and reduce bounce rates under several minutes by filtering products based on their performance, which allows customers to view the best side. Don’t forget that the app can take your store to the next level. In addition, you can rank your products accurately by their performance no matter how small or big your shop is. In addition, the app can order your products, which will come first, middle, and last. Plus, users can filter their products according to the blend of the ranking types and opt for how to judge their product performances. Take note that the app allows you to customize how your algorithm will use your products’ data and you can check the recent data and go back in time.
Features of Trending Sort
  • Enable to show customers hot-selling products
  • Give shoppers what they really want to reduce bounce rate
  • Figure out which items are best-sellers and how to sell them
  • Rank products accurately based on their performance
  • Place orders of products which come first, middle, and last
Trending Sort Information
  • Price: $4.99/month. 14-day free trial.
  • Rating: 1 – 5.0 / 5
  • Vendor: Power tools
  • 6. Sortlytics by Deepflux

Sortlytics is an online platform/app that optimizes and improves your campaigns, revenue, and strategies. Sortlytics makes sure your inventory is seamlessly integrated and sorted keeping the new collection and trending products at top. Sortlytics organizes your collection to sell more and meet your business goals by scoring each product in your portfolio.

  • Sort your collection using data driven insights
  • Use enhanced ecommerce data from GA for product scoring
  • Automate your merchandise to maintain freshness to your online store
  • Give weightage to your new products
  • Promote your best selling products
  • Promote your re-stocked collection
  • Push down out of stock products
    Gain insights on best performing products and collections.
  • Use our insights for higher sales

    Our incredible shopify app analyzes your collection, sorts it based on insights and brings relevance to your best selling products.

Increase your sales by AI driven Data

Score each product based on an AI merchandising engine to promote, product sort and optimize your store.

Customise your store to improve user experience 

Get a personalized collection page and create new categories or landing pages for your marketing campaigns.

Get Product Insights for your category performances and increase your productivity.

Drive higher add to cart, checkouts , improve customer engagement with products of choice and get better ROI for your marketing campaigns by improving user experience

Sortlytics Information Price:
Starts $10/month. 14-day free trial.
Vendor: DeepFlux