Data Driven E-Commerce Merchandising

Increase online sales by using AI driven store management


Shopify and Shopify Plus
Google Analytics


Increase your online sales by using our AI driven store management system
AI Driven Product Scoring
Score each product based on an AI merchandising engine to promote, product sort and optimize your store
Data Driven Category Sorting
Let our Machine Learning Algorithms organise your products using multiple data driven factors and drive your sales
Automated Store Management
Create new collections, auto update products in collection based on latest trends and behaviors


An automated system that sorts product listings to improve conversion rates thereby boosting your profits
Improved conversion rates
  • Our technology sorts your products based on multiple factors making sure that the most selling product is also the top listed one and the non moving inventory gets a fair share of voice.
  • Let our algorithms re-sort based on performance of individual products
  • Push Products with Prime Sizes Out of Stock down the sorting order and prioritise new products to provide them more visibility
Customise your store to improve user experience
Improved User Experience
  • Get a personalized collection page and create new categories or landing pages for your marketing campaigns.
  • Manage style wise demand by promoting high inventory products to not end up with dead stock and never run out of demand on your most popular styles
  • Improve the performance of your marketing campaigns with apt landing pages.
Get Product Insights for your category performances
Detailed store insights
  • Drive higher add to cart, checkouts , improve customer engagement with products of choice
  • Get better ROI for your marketing campaigns by improving user experience
  • Track performance improvements and measure incremental transactions

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